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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Las Chicas, the 2021 Multi-Goya Winning Film, Post-Produced at Mistika Ultima

The post-production of the winning film of the 35th edition of Goya Awards 2021, Las Chicas, was carried out at Antaviana Films, using the Spanish grading and finishing program, Mistika Ultima.

“We are very proud of our work and that Daniela Cajías has received this recognition from the Film Academy, and we are very happy for the success of the film,” says Bernat Aragones , Editor and Post-Production Director at Antaviana Films, a dedicated company to Audiovisual Postproduction and creation of digital effects.

The colour of the film transports you to the corridors of the institute in the 90s reflecting sensitivity and simplicity, reflecting what it means to leave childhood behind. “Our main objective was precisely to highlight this through color grading. Post-production on Mistika Ultima, such a powerful and stable system, has been essential to achieve this. Furthermore, the flexibility it gave us to work on the same Timeline was key to the work flow ”, concludes Aragones.

Produced by Inicia Films in co-production with BTeam Prods and directed by Pilar Palomero , the feature film Las Chicas has been the great winner of the last virtual gala, obtaining four awards for best film, novel direction, original script and photography.


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