Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mathematic Studio Chooses Hammerspace to Enable Workflow Automation

Hammerspace recently announced that Mathematic Studio has deployed Hammerspace to enable global collaboration between its creative artists across multiple studios in different countries.

Based in Paris, Mathematic is a creative visual effects (VFX), animation and motion design studio with more than 250 artists worldwide. The studio’s work spans feature films and series, commercials, music videos, video game trailers and entertainment creative content production. In 2022 alone, the team produced up to 200 projects, including 70 commercials, five feature films, 45 video game cinematic trailers and 20 music videos.

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment enables Mathematic to utilise data and applications seamlessly and automatically across its office locations in Los Angeles, Montpellier, Paris, and Montreal for projects including 3D compositing and modelling, visual effects and editorial finishing. Previously the studio had to manually copy assets from one location to another, resulting in disparate versioning. Hammerspace also provides Mathematic with a coordinated and consolidated archive solution.

With Hammerspace, artists can collaborate and synchronise changes in their workflow and projects in real time across office locations. With Hammerspace’s Global Data Environment, the studio’s team can access and use their preferred applications and tools seamlessly wherever they are based, allowing Mathematic to better leverage local talent in French, Canadian and US markets and ultimately better serve its client base with a more efficient and productive workflow.

“Hammerspace creates a global namespace and automates content orchestration, enabling our rapidly growing studio team to work more productively regardless of which office they are based,” said Clement Germain, Lead Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor at Mathematic. “Since our founding in 2006, our focus has consistently been on creating excellence in VFX art direction versus VFX execution. Hammerspace’s solution provides a competitive advantage to our team and the ability to continue delivering unparalleled work to our clients.”

Hammerspace provides decentralised organisations in media and entertainment – encompassing television and film creatives, content publishers, special effects artists, and corporate video producers – the ability to securely work efficiently and effectively in a decentralised world. Its Global Data Environment enables creative studios like Mathematic to orchestrate content to remote locations and provide low latency, local read/write access to global data.

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