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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Maxon Launches Weekly Live Talk Show Focused on VFX

Following on the success of its popular ‘Demystifying’ and ‘Ask the Trainer’ ongoing webinar series, Maxon is pleased to announce ‘VFX and Chill’ – a weekly live talk show where Maxon’s own Daniel ‘Hashi’ Hashimoto (a.k.a. Action Movie Dad) and Seth Worley break open visual effects shots from film, TV or games, and attempt to show viewers how to put them back together. The 90-minute show debuts May 28, 2021 and will stream live every Friday at 10am PDT on YouTube.

Each week the hosts (and the occasional guest artist) will peel back the curtain on a part of the VFX creation process that’s mostly omitted from tutorials: the exploratory, beginning stages of creating an effect, where artists throw ideas and iterations at the wall to see what sticks. It’s in that trial and error that the creator often discovers new workflows and tricks they never knew even existed. The hope is to inspire and educate, and maybe even introduce a few new techniques and tools that even veteran designers have missed.

“VFX and Chill is more of an entertainment talk show format than an instructional tutorial,” commented Worley. “Sort of like if ‘VFX Artists React’ and conversational podcast collided and there were no survivors.”

“Sometimes we’re going to ace it, break it all down perfectly and deliver a finished shot,” added Hashimoto. “Other times we’re going to fail horribly. Either way, everyone will learn something.”


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