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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Mistika Boutique Introduces Dolby Vision 4.0, Blackmagic Colour Science Support

SGO has announced the latest upgrade of Mistika 10 which introduces new features contributing to enhanced HDR and colour-managed workflows, updated SDK libraries, performance boost, ergonomic improvements and more.

Dolby Vision 4.0 with new Color GUI

Mistika Boutique and Ultima are now equipped with Dolby Vision 4.0, empowering creatives and post-production facilities with the HDR workflow required for the latest industry standards. Mistika users will also find a new, dedicated Dolby Vision Colour Interface, displayed in a visually much more attractive way, facilitating HDR grading with Mistika’s professional colour toolset – including a brand new and interactive hexagon tool. Interactive support for the latest version of Dolby Vision has also been added to Precision and Tangent colour control panels.

Also included with this release is a brand new Precision control panel interface with completely overhauled mapping, new features and stunning graphics – all combined to provide greatly improved overall functionality and operational experience. Enhancements have also been made for Tangent panels, comprehensively optimizing mapping and performance.

Reorganised Unicolour and Blackmagic Generation 5 Colour Science

Reorganised in this new release by Colour Space type, Mistika’s Unicolour tool now supports Blackmagic Generation 5 colour science, enabling a complete colour-managed workflow with Blackmagic RAW files.

Performance boost, updated SDK’s and vertical stack import

In addition, users running Mistika Boutique on Windows will notice a significant performance boost – up to three times faster rendering, interactivity and playback. Faster tracking, animation and navigation has also been unlocked by optimizing Shape Management. All SDK libraries have also been updated to support the latest cameras and a new system of importing vertical stacks, specifically designed for dealing with VR media, has been added to the latest release of Mistika Boutique and Ultima. Finally, the SGO Activation Tool has been given an upgrade, displaying the current license status and on which computer it is being used at that given moment.


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