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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Support for AE’s MFR and M1 in Premiere

Adobe has released public betas for users to test drive AE’s coming implementation of MFR (multi-frame rendering) and Premiere’s support for Apple M1 systems.The betas are available via the Creative Cloud application (accessed through the beta tab in the application) and won’t over-write your current version.

DEFlicker 2.2, DE:Noise 3.5, RE:Match 2.6, RE:Grade 1.3, RE:Lens 2.4, RE:Map 4.2, RSMB 6.4, and Twixtor 7.5 will support the betas. You will just need to download the current version, or order the upgrade if you’re on an earlier version.

If you’ve got DEFlicker 2.2, DE:Noise 3.5, RE:Lens 2.4, RE:Map 4.2, RSMB 6.4, or Twixtor 7.5 and a system with multiple GPUs of the same model, you’re in luck! We’re the first to implement support for multi-GPU with After Effects’ multi-frame rendering.


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