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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

White Paper: Motion Grading Comes of Age

Insight Media has released a new white paper titled: Motion Grading Comes of Age. It can be downloaded for free with a registration.

Motion grading is a new concept developed by Pixelworks in cooperation with the content creation community. Called TrueCut Motion Grading, this tool set allows post-production facilities the ability to create any desired motion “look.” Colourists can now dial in the frame rate look, desired judder and motion blur and ensure this motion look is maintained through deliverables and onto various display platforms – something that is not possible today.

TrueCut Motion Grading works with standard capture (24 frame per second, 180-degree shutter angle), as well as higher frame rates. A traditional filmic look is maintained with the added ability to customize on a frame-by-frame basis.

TrueCut Motion Grading is a breakthrough technology as it addresses a major quality gap in the market. Because source content is often delivered at 24 or 30 fps, technology in display devices has to increase the frame rate of playback to match their display, with very uneven results. Content creatives and many viewers hate the “soap opera effect” some devices produce which has led to Filmmaker and Netflix calibrated modes which turn off most advanced picture processing. TrueCut Motion Grading provides a means for the content creator to control the motion look and ensure this look is delivered to the playback device as they intended.

Pixelworks has already proven the technology with a number of theatrical releases and will roll out the technology for home use later this year. When selecting a title, the TV or streaming app will play the TrueCut motion graded version if a TrueCut version of the title exists and the device is certified compatible. This is similar to the whitelisting approach used already to determine whether to play the SDR, HDR or other formatted version of the title. Over 40 models of TV and over 150 models of mobile devices have been certified for TrueCut compatibility to date. At the same time, the company is working with streaming service providers to create TrueCut motion graded content to ensure that TVs are ready to accept and process TrueCut content.


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