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AR/VR Devices and New AQUOS XLED TV from Sharp

Sharp Corporation will participate in CES 2023 at the Petrus Ballroom, Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, from January 5 to 8, 2023 with devices and head-mounted displays (HMD) for AR/VR, and the new flagship AQUOS XLED TV on show.

Exhibited for the first time, Sharp’s Head-Mounted Display (HMD) prototype will include an ultra-high-resolution display, and an ultra-high-speed autofocus camera module (using a polymer lens). Visitors to the booth will see an ultra-lightweight HMD prototype for VR equipped with an ultra-compact proximity sensor.

Also exhibited for the first time will be the world’s thinnest ultra-compact camera module – with a height of less than 2mm – that can be used for sensing applications such as eye tracking.

Sharp will also show a compact Time of Flight (ToF) Distance Sensor. Installing this sensor on an HMD unit or controller will help the HMD wearer avoid collisions with people and objects.

In the area of TVs, Sharp will show its AQUOS XLED TV for the first time. This TV employs mini LED backlight and quantum-dot rich-color display technology and features an audio system with speakers placed above and below the screen to combine dynamic images with excellent light and dark expression with an immersive sound field. This is a new-generation TV that provides viewers with a vividly realistic sense of actually being in the middle of the action.

Also on show will be a 120-Inch AQUOS XLED prototype. This model features a 120-inch XLED screen, one of the world’s largest. Taking advantage of its large screen and high contrast, it can be used not only for digital signage and public viewing displays in commercial facilities, but also for home theatres (receiver tuner not installed).


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