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Monday, June 17, 2024

FOXXUM Reveals Five Inaugural Partners for FOXXUM OS 4

Just in time for CES and the new year, Foxxum, innovator in cutting edge Smart TV solutions, recently announced partnerships with four OEMs and manufacturers from around the world, representing global brands such as JVC, as well as leading local brands on three continents.

El-Araby is one of the largest industrial and commercial corporations in the Middle East and Africa, making a wide range of appliances with the Sharp, Toshiba and Tornado brands. Based in Panama, Grupo Kayve is the exclusive JVC licensor for Central and South America. TCL MOKA has a distribution focus on Latin America, Europe and MENA, servicing leading local brands in those regions. Konka is a global OEM with substantial distribution in MENA, the Americas and Southeast Asia. Uruguay-based Punktal exemplifies long-standing local CTV makers who represent a substantial share of the country’s CTV sales.

Foxxum OS 4 is Foxxum’s newest CTV OS built on the RDK platform, which was announced in September 2022, and begins to roll out later this year. Announced ahead of CES, where Foxxum will be demonstrating Foxxum OS 4, this slew of agreements will guarantee Foxxum OS 4 distribution into tens of millions of homes over the decade ahead.

“We are thrilled to be announcing these stellar inaugural partners for Foxxum OS 4.” said Foxxum CEO Ronny Lutzi. “These companies have all been long-standing partners of Foxxum. They are also some of the most forward-thinking independent CTV players in the space. It’s very gratifying that they see the strength of our company and the power of Foxxum OS 4.”


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