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Hisense and Leica Elevate Laser TV

As part of an ongoing partnership, CES 2023 saw Leica’s Cine 1 laser TV projection system displayed on the Hisense booth. According to Stephan Albrecht, Managing Director of Leica Smart Projection GmbH, Hisense and Leica Camera will continue to consolidate their technology collaboration in the Laser TV segment by launching new products aimed at premium segments and all oriented to the next level of image quality.

In recent years, Hisense has been looking for ways to advance the Laser TV industry, and Leica Camera has been seeking to branch out into Laser TV projection field. After discussions, the two brands “decided to join hands for the further development of the TV industry”.

When taking about the reasons for this cooperation, Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, said that Leica has been interested to enter the strongly growing Laser TV market, but this would not have been possible without Hisense since it has become a global pioneer in the field of Laser TV with 1700 related patents.

For Hisense, it has long realised the importance of partnership and working with Leica is in line with its own development needs. Leica’s superior optical technology enables Hisense’s Laser TVs to deliver sharper and more detailed images, which can lay a solid foundation for the further development of its home theatre and short-focus Laser TVs.

With its innovative triple-RGB laser powered by Hisense’s Laser TV technology, Leica Cine 1 uses Leica projection lens expertise and Leica Image Optimization (LIOTM) technology to optimise picture quality and to deliver “an ultimate cinematic viewing experience”. Over the next few years, Hisense and Leica will develop further technologies, all oriented to the next level of premium image quality.

With Leica’s optical expertise, Hisense says it aims to further expand its global influence as an international company. As Dr. Liu Xianrong, chief scientist and general manager of Hisense Laser Display Co.Ltd. remarked, “The combination of the unique charm of Laser display and Leica’s traditional image quality can provide a better viewing experience to consumers.”

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