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New AR Technologies and Devices from Korea’s MAXST at CES 2023

MAXST Co., Ltd., a South Korean company specialising in the metaverse, will participate in CES 2023 on Booth 50024 at the Venetian Expo, Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023.

MAXST plans to introduce MAXVERSE, an integrated platform for metaverse service development, as well as highlight its AR development platform (MAXST AR SDK), and new AR glasses.

MAXVERSE, to be showcased by MAXST, is an integrated platform for metaverse service development, providing spatial map construction tools, spatial maps, and metaverse service development tools free of charge.

As a Unity plug-in content authoring tool, it includes an XR simulation function, so users can develop services based on real space without going to the field.

It can be applied to various fields such as XR telepresence, navigation, advertising, and games, and is attracting attention as a technology that will lead the development of the metaverse ecosystem.

An updated version of the AR development platform MAXST AR SDK will also be shown. Space Tracker, which scans 3D space and creates a spatial map in real time with a smartphone, has been added. Through this function, various smart devices such as AR glasses will be able to remotely control home appliances in the space by interworking at the IoT interface. Anyone can easily and quickly develop spaces and objects into AR app contents and implement a smart home that can link services.

MAXST AR Glasses are tethered type and have the industry’s smallest lens thickness, 40 degree field of view (FOV), and ultra light weight of less than 100g.

Users can enjoy AR experiences linked to reality with on board MAXST’s Sensor Fusion SLAM.

During CES, MAXST will sign an MOU with Wisear, a French-based tech company, for technical cooperation for the development of AR smart glasses.

Wisear develops a unique cranial nerve signal-based XR device controller technology.

MAXST also plans to accelerate the development of earphone-embedded AR glasses that work with human sensory nerve functions through an MOU with Wisear developing unique cranial nerve signal-based XR device controller technology.


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