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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Stagwell Flexes Specialty Media Formats Including Shared Augmented Reality

Stagwell, the challenger network built to transform marketing, recently announced a Specialty Media business unit to create net new brand and performance inventory. The unit – part of the Stagwell Marketing Could – will build media formats that offer brands novel ways to reach, engage, and monetise key consumer segments across sports, travel, retail, news and dining.

“Stagwell is bringing new experiences to consumers whether they are at the stadium, in a restaurant or getting on an airplane. Along with these experiences come a wealth of creative marketing opportunities,” said Mark Penn, chairman and CEO, Stagwell. “Stagwell is at the forefront of these transformative technical innovations and new forms of richly targeted marketing.”

Shared Augmented Reality (AR) Platform for Stadiums: ARound, a first-of-its-kind fan engagement platform, is a new stadium-level augmented reality platform, already in use by the Minnesota Twins MLB team at Target Field and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. ARound uses 3D spatial computing to map large-scale venues and localise content to individual users, enabling attendees to see the same real-time 3D effects and participate in the same shared experiences. This is a new, connected marketing medium, enabling brands to reach fans at scale with stadium-wide AR games, contests, effects, and a remote experience amplifying the energy and excitement of game-days.

QR Code-Powered Advertising Platform for Restaurants and Bars: Stagwell Marketing Cloud is developing an advanced digital out-of-home platform that directly integrates into digital menu and point-of-sale systems to serve contextual ads native to the customer’s experience. The platform provides brands with rich customer profiles and a new channel to place relevant, dynamic messages that complement the user’s current experience; for example, a promotional offer for a specialty cocktail designed to warm consumers during winter, a recommended wine to pair with the dinner meal, or an aperitif to complement dessert, generating rich first-party data in the process.

Media Marketplace for Travel: Stagwell’s Ink, the world’s leading travel media company, has launched “The Travel Marketplace,” a one-stop shop for brands to get unparalleled access to five million passengers a day. The new platform offers access to an unmatched portfolio of channels including airport TV screens, Wi-Fi sponsorship, multi-channel digital and physical platforms, inflight entertainment, branded travel documents, targeted social media, and more. With exposure to international and domestic brands including United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue and others, 2,500+ screens across 90 North American airports via Stagwell’s ReachTV, and exclusive first-party passenger data to drive smart targeting, brands can now easily engage across diversified performance mediums that reach travellers at every stage of their journey.


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