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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Vuzix to Showcase Competitive Lines of AR Smart Glasses

Vuzix Corporation is pleased to showcase a robust lineup of smart glasses at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to displaying its new CES 2023 Innovation Awards winning Vuzix Ultralite AR smart glasses OEM design, which uses Vuzix’ industry leading waveguides and the latest microLED displays, Vuzix will be demonstrating its M-Series, Vuzix Blade 2 and Vuzix Shield AR smart glasses at its booth (#16991 in the Center Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center).

Demonstrations at the Vuzix booth, which are highlighted in a new blog available here, will include:

  • Using a Vuzix accessory adaptor and a compatible infrared camera, including FLIR cameras, Vuzix M-Series AR smart glasses will allow visitors to see in the infrared spectrum, giving them a heads-up display of what’s normally hidden from view. Infrared video can also be broadcast over Zoom to enable team inspections.
  • Using Vuzix Blade 2 AR smart glasses, visitors will be put in charge of solving a real-life industrial challenge, the resetting of an electric power station, using on-glasses video and a set of work instructions.
  • Using Vuzix Shield AR smart glasses, visitors will be put in the role of a quality check inspector checking one of the most beautiful bikes ever, a real MV Agusta Superveloce 8001, to perform a scan for equipment recalls.
  • Using Teamviewer Frontline software running on Vuzix M400 AR smart glasses, visitors will be able to explore how major distribution centers drive efficiency improvements every day.

Finally, as part of its OEM offerings, Vuzix will be showcasing the sleek, AR smart glasses reference design called Vuzix Ultralite. Offering fully customisable form factors, optics and more, Vuzix OEM solutions produce smart glasses and components that are miles ahead of the pack to support the worldwide adoption of AR.

“We keep expanding and improving the competitiveness of our smart glasses family of products. We enter 2023 with the strongest product lineup in our history, one that continues to attract an expanding number of blue chip customers across a wide range of industry verticals,” said Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix. “We intend to remain focused on offering solutions that increase worker productivity, interactivity and safety while reducing errors and improving our carbon footprint.”

Interested parties who want to see the current range of industry leading Vuzix AR smart glasses and solutions can visit its booth during the show.


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