Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Ateme Enhances Engagement, Monetisation and Efficiency at SMPTE METexpo

At SMPTE METexpo 2024, Ateme is set to unveil a comprehensive array of solutions aimed at enhancing audience engagement, maximising content monetisation, and revolutionising operational efficiency.

Audience Engagement: Sports events are the litmus test of the ability of a content or service provider to engage its audience. When millions of viewers watch the same event simultaneously, Ateme’s cutting-edge solutions deliver the best Quality of Experience, efficiently.

At METexpo, content and service providers can discover Ateme’s TITAN range of encoders and transcoders. Ateme’s pure software solutions for video distribution enable the future with huge scalability, so you can integrate new codecs and optimize your bandwidth usage. They provide a unified, future-proof, innovative, and scalable solution to manage secure transmission across video-distribution platforms.

Content Monetisation: In the fiercely competitive media landscape, Ateme offers solutions that empower content and service providers to boost monetization. This is achieved by leveraging targeted offerings, including FAST channels and personal channels to monetize existing content libraries while engaging audiences and creating new revenue streams; and personalised or regional advertising through Server-Side Ad Insertion.

Operational Efficiency: Ateme will highlight its software-based, cloud-native solutions that enable content and service providers to transform their video-delivery operations, bringing a new level of flexibility and efficiency with full-IP operations. These efficiencies in both quality and density of processing reduce power consumption and carbon footprint, enabling sustainable operations.

Ateme’s solutions collectively promise engaged audiences, increased revenues, and streamlined operations, ultimately translating into higher profits for content and service providers.

Visit https://www.ateme.com/ and https://metexpo.com.au/

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