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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

AEQ Codecs and Commentary Systems Go On-Site and Off-Tube

With much COVID-era commentary for many sport events originating from “off-tube cabins”, i.e. at the station, or even from the talent’s own home, AEQ is providing multiple broadcast options for multiple sporting events.

AEQ’s Olympia 3 Commentary Systems provides flexibility and adaptability to different event sizes. Olympia 3 has been designed to suit large events with hundreds of commentary positions at the same venue, as well as more modest installations where it may operate as a stand-alone unit or in an OB Van linked to an AoIP Intercom System.

Standalone commentary unit (CU), or AoIP connected with 8 channels via Dante protocol. Scalable architecture: simple routing to Dante IP devices; integrated in IP intercom system, or connected to IP commentary system matrix.

The standalone mono or stereo sound mixer features mixing, routing, tone and dynamics control; three commentator inputs and a dual-mono or stereo line level input; and the ability to listen to eight remote and two local sources.

Other features include:

  • Operates as an intercom panel at the same time as a Commentary Unit.
  • Configurable as interpreter desk up to three languages.
  • Three 1Gigabit IP ports per unit for redundancy, daisy chain and auxiliary data or video transport.
  • Dual power supply: 48VDC via PoE or external local power supply.
  • Software Configuration and remote control.
  • Rugged and ergonomic mechanics, suitable for indoors and outdoors locations.

Meanwhile, AEQ’s TALENT is an ultra-compact IP audiocodec. It provides connectivity for professional microphones and headphones for the host or guests of a program, from home or anywhere. AEQ says audio quality cannot be distinguished from any of the voices that may be present at the studio. The unit transmits high-quality, OPUS encoded audio, from a microphone to the studio console, and brings the feedback to the headphones.

Inputs and outputs include:

  • XLR-3 female microphone connector. Low noise preamplifier.
  • Switchable 12V phantom supply. 2Kohm input impedance. Gain is adjustable from the front panel and via software. MUTE key.
  • Stereo ground-referenced line input via 3.5mm jack. Compatible with PCs, tablets, phones and other sound players. Software adjustable input level.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 audio input. Stereo A2DP, software-adjustable level.

In terms of encoding algorithms, TALENT is compatible with OPUS, G711 (A- or u-law), G.722, AEQ-LD, MPEG 1 and 2 – LII and linear uncompressed PCM, among others. AEQ also offers a Smart RTP automatic call-establishment tool as well as a corporate SIP server.

Other features include:

  • Local interface with keys and encoders
  • Three-level LED vumeter at the front panel for program TX level indication.
  • Received audio signal presence indicator.
  • Mains and USB power. Optional UPS or power-bank available

TALENT PILOT application licence included.

Communication interfaces include:

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 Connector. Provides access to: Wired networks: LAN, DSL, wire or fiber-optics Internet, VLAN
  • Satellite: through a data satellite service IP interface.
  • Telephony: 3G, 4G, 5G using an external router connected to this port.
  • Wireless data links: using wireless bridge, WiMax antennas or a WiFi
  • Bluetooth Interface: A2DP profile for bidirectional stereo audio exchange with the connected smartphone or computer.

Using an HFP profile, G722 or similar, HD-voice can also be sent to a phone for interviews by phone, Skype, Whatsapp, or other conferencing applications. When there is no access to an IP network, this can provide connectivity with the studio in order to send the voice to the broadcast mixer.

TALENT PILOT software application licence is included.

Finally, Phoenix Alio is a portable IP audiocodec designed and optimised for easy use in diverse broadcasting environments, including music events.

It can connect to other codecs from most manufacturers thanks to the SIP communications protocol, according to N/ACIP Tech 3326 EBU standard, but when connecting to another AEQ codec, users can take advantage of an exclusive set of tools that makes the establishment of communication and the control of the unit a simple task. Full duplex stereo communication is available with a HELP button to request remote help from the technician in the studio.

Phoenix ALIO audiocodecs can be used in combination with the ControlPhoenix MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.


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