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Ateme Behind Telefónica’s Goals for World Cup

Ateme has announced that its contribution solutions enabled Movistar Plus+, Telefónica’s subscription video platform in Spain, to deliver premium UHD/HDR and Dolby Atmos World Cup content for broadcast across the country during the 2022 World Cup tournament.

This service was driven by Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA), the Telefónica Group company specialising in broadcast and audiovisual solutions, which helped Movistar Plus+ with the deployment of this high-quality technical solution for signals encoding and transport.

Using Ateme’s full software TITAN Edge encoders and decoders, Telefónica benefited from high-quality, low-latency feeds, with audio immersive features, delivered with the reliability required for premium international sporting events.

“The World Cup is one of the most important and iconic live events, where performance, quality, and reliability are key,” commented Manuela Martínez, Head of Engineering. “We are pleased with Ateme’s solutions, which supported the world’s most-watched live broadcasts and ensured consumers got the best viewing experience.”

Likewise, TSA’s engineering department led by Francisca Cabo, recognises “Ateme’s speed and reliability in development and implementation processes, in addition to having a highly qualified technical and support team, undoubtedly eased the deployment”.”

“Telefónica sets a very high standard for the delivery of premium video and audio content,” said Julien Mandel, Solution Marketing Senior Director, Contribution and Distribution Segment at Ateme. “We’re delighted to have supported their technology strategy, and to have helped them be at the cutting edge of video experiences during the 2022 World Cup.”


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