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Saturday, June 22, 2024

AVC Creates Full Production Workflow Based on GV AMPP

To keep pace with increasing demands for compelling live content, many media companies are turning to Tier 2 and Tier 3 sports, as well as localisation of large sporting events from other regions. In order to produce these events in a cost-effective way, many are turning to software processing to perform master control, live commentary and other important functions in the cloud. Subscription and PAYG models help reduce the upfront investment and manage the ongoing costs of producing these events.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Sports Production

For local productions of basketball, volleyball and handball, AVC feeds their on-site cameras as well as studio feeds to AMPP running in an AWS cloud using GV AMPP Edge, SRT and NDI standards. With all these feeds available within AMPP, an HTML5 KSP video switcher panel, and HTML5 AMPP audio mixer perform the audio and video mixing from the SSC production control room. Touchscreens and video and audio panels run a variety of services including clip and slo-mo player, graphics engine, router panels and virtual intercom panels. Combined with AMPP Multiviewers, operators can control and monitor all available signals in a way that is familiar. Graphics are created and added directly within the AMPP switcher using Singular.Live. The output is then sent from AMPP to various streaming sites including YouTube and other SSC-NFL Arabic remote commentary platforms such as MBC, through Wildmoka. The whole production can  archived directly in the cloud using an EMAM S3 bucket.

NFL Remote Production and Commentary

For the Super Bowl, a similar setup was used. Multiple on-site cameras were fed to GV AMPP using Live U and an AMPP Edge contribution server.

A daily live multicamera segment plus three 25-minute game day programs and the full 4-hour show was produced using AMPP including on-site commentary from reporters. The final programs were also distributed to MBC, SSC archives and Wildmoka.


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