Sunday, May 26, 2024

Chyron LIVE 1.2 | Customizable Graphics Templates

Chyron announces the latest 1.2 version update to Chyron LIVE, the company’s cloud-native production platform. This latest release introduces a set of customisable graphic templates, a brand-new commentator interface, improvements to asset management, and live production control.

Chyron LIVE’s 1.2 release makes it easy to create stunning live productions right from your very first login. With this latest update, every instance of Chyron LIVE now ships with a professional PRIME CG graphics template set that covers the full range of graphic needs and is easily customisable to your brand. Additionally, LIVE 1.2 adds a new remote commentator interface, simplified asset management tools, and live production controls for fast-paced sporting events.

LIVE 1.2’s feature highlights include:

  • Customisable graphics template pack that covers the full range of lower thirds, over-the-shoulders, scoreboards, transitions, and more.
  • Commentator interface to connect remote commentary talent to your production via SRT stream.
  • Simplified asset management through direct PRIME Designer scene upload and drag-and-drop media file import.
  • Fast-paced live production control with instant replay functionality, shortcut keys, and external device control integration.


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