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Game Review with Spiideo REPLAY Pro

Spiideo REPLAY PRO is a new subscription option for Spiideo customers that provides access to a dedicated instant replay interface, designed to aid officials on the pitch while minimising delay to the event.

High quality, multi-angle panoramic video is automatically captured by AI cameras and instantly uploaded to the cloud. Thanks to Spiideo’s lightning fast low latency feeds, this footage can be accessed within seconds through any iOS device or computer. allowing referees to review game-changing plays moments after they happen, from every available angle.

The platform includes all the core functionality that Spiideo customers are used to, such as AutoFollow technology that tracks play autonomously and the ability to pan and zoom within a recording for the best overview of the action. As well, there is a scrubbing tool to improve fast-forward and rewind functionality for faster reviews.

Spiideo REPLAY PRO also introduces entirely new features, such as side-by-side playback. For users with a multi-camera setup, from several positions around the field, officials can now view footage from multiple angles simultaneously to make more informed decisions. There’s also a game clock overlay to help pinpoint specific moments in the game.

All these features help referees review difficult calls quickly, eliminating uncertainty without sacrificing the flow of the game.

Compatible with Spiideo’s entire camera system range, users can deploy a single camera or multiple cameras for additional views and easily scale their setup as needed.

For organisations and venues that already use Spiideo for video analysis or live streaming, getting Spiideo REPLAY Pro is as easy as adding another subscription. For conferences using Spiideo’s League Exchange, a conference-wide deal that allows every team to capture, view, share, and analyze footage across the division, Spiideo REPLAY Pro offers a streamlined and effective way to implement league-wide instant replay capabilities and reduce on-field errors that can impact the outcome of a season.

Spiideo REPLAY Pro is designed for multiple sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse.


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