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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Greenfly and Imagen Partner to Expand Delivery of Real-Time and Archived Content

Imagen, the cloud media asset management platform, and Greenfly, recently announced an integration partnership. Together, they will power the automated collection, storage and distributed sharing of short-form digital media for global sports and entertainment organisations. Content available for instant sharing also includes archived interviews, programming, fan-generated content, and match day social media content, among others.

Imagen and Greenfly’s integrated solution enables content stored on Imagen to be accessed directly from the Greenfly app for real-time use. The content exchange between the two platforms is seamless, offering users an extremely rich selection of social content to bring pre-game, in-game and post-game moments to life.

Tom Blake, Commercial Director at Imagen: “We’re empowering players to tell their story in their own voice on social media using an expansive selection of match content stored within Imagen alongside content that is captured on mobile devices. This access to real-time content represents an exciting new era for fans wanting to get up close to their heroes. Players can easily log into the Greenfly app and access a folder of new content or archived content stored by Imagen to share a throwback post or last-season highlights that generate fan interest and engagement ahead of a new season or match.”

The partnership also brings speed and ease to managing, accessing and distributing content for sports organisations and their partners, including brand sponsors and broadcasting rights holders. By curating a rich library of user-generated content and archived content, the integrated solution provides seamless short- and long-term visual asset strategies – from digitising archival footage from the pre-internet sports era to instant login and collaboration for internal marketing teams.

Daniel Kirschner, CEO at Greenfly: “As Greenfly scales internationally, partnering with best-in-class platforms like Imagen allows us to continuously expand digital media management, storage, access, collaboration and editing capabilities – critical to both accelerating player-fan engagement and meeting the 24/7 content demands of live sports broadcasting and sports leagues. With Imagen, we’re giving customers in any industry the ability to significantly amplify their online presence with highly impactful authentic storytelling.”

With a combined customer roster, Imagen and Greenfly’s integrated platform solution centralises visual media resources for a global market across globally recognised sports, broadcast media and entertainment organisations.

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