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How Makito X4 Helped Power the 2022 World Games

International Sports Broadcasting (ISB) recently announced that part of its broadcasting workflow for the 2022 World Games was powered by Haivision solutions. Founded in 1996 and specialising in host broadcasting and the planning and distribution of live sports, ISB has covered many prestigious events including the summer and winter games and collected numerous broadcasting awards.

What are the World Games?

Held every four years, the 2022 edition of the World Games originated from Birmingham, Alabama and featured more than 30 sports and close to 3,500 athletes from over 100 nations. For this year’s edition, ISB leveraged Haivision technology to enable cloud-based workflows, allowing them to send high-quality video contribution at low latency over the public internet without expensive satellite or fibre installations, and provide multiple real-time video feeds to broadcasters worldwide.

A Haivision Solution for Real-Time Cloud Distribution

Using Haivision cloud-based video networking technology and a fleet of  Haivision Makito X real-time video encoders, along with the SRT video transport protocol, ISB provided host broadcasting services to 20 rights-holders in over 50 countries during this year’s edition of the World Games.

The Haivision solution delivered eight live video feeds to rights-holders, along with prepackaged content for The World Games Channel, a ready-to-air channel made up of live and prerecorded sports and highlight packages. Live video feeds coming from OB vans at various venues were encoded at low latency using Makito X video encoders and sent for cloud distribution.

“Haivision products are very user-friendly without complex menus to navigate,” said Ursula Romero, Managing Director, ISB. “We could easily monitor streams with just a laptop and keep an eye on where feeds were going and who was receiving them. Haivision made making the decision to move to the cloud easy. It paid off and we were very happy with the results,” said Ursula Romero, Managing Director, International Sports Broadcasting.


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