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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Juniper Networks and Japan’s QTnet Partner on eSports Complex

Juniper Networks, a provider of secure, AI-driven networks, has today that QTnet, a Japanese telecommunication service provider, has chosen Juniper’s wired, wireless and security solutions to power its eSport Challenger’s Park. As the home stadium of the professional eSports team, Sengoku Gaming, QTnet has built a facility where everyone from professional players to the general public can experience the best performance powered by a secure AI-driven network from Juniper.

eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an estimated market value of USD$4.75 billion by 2030. As the third-largest gaming market in the world, Japan is well positioned to capitalize on this growth, with its eSports market expected to exceed 18.4 billion yen by 2024. As part of its diversification strategy, QTnet entered the eSports sector by acquiring Sengoku Co., Ltd. in 2020, which runs one of Japan’s top professional eSports teams.

Following the acquisition, both companies share the same goal: to support the growth and development of Japan’s eSports market. In August 2021, QTnet opened one of western Japan’s largest eSports complexes, which would include a stadium that can hold up to five team matches, a public play area, a video streaming booth, an eSports study room, a store, a cafe and more.

In the world of eSports, where 10 milliseconds of latency can determine the outcome of a match, QTnet recognized the need to build a network for professional players while also considering the connectivity needs of casual gamers and visitors. To fulfill this commitment, QTnet teamed up with Juniper to build a secure AI-driven network that would enable reliable, high-performance and seamless end-user experiences.

QTnet has deployed Juniper Wireless Access Points throughout the complex to create a high-performance wireless environment that provides players and visitors with pervasive, fast and reliable connectivity. To support this connectivity, Juniper’s EX Series Switches and SRX Series Services Gateways were selected, enabling QTnet to meet the security and lower latency requirements of the network environment for eSports activities.

By leveraging AIOps, driven by Mist AI, staff benefit from improved network visibility, centralized management and simplified operations, while also having the flexibility to accommodate future enhancements to the facility and its services. As eSports continues to experience immense growth, Juniper is in a strong position to support customers in this space in delivering superior gaming and viewing experiences in Japan and beyond.

According to Masanori Nakano, YOKA Professional eSports Business Group, Corporate Strategy Division, QTnet, “When we partnered with Juniper Networks, the goal was simple: to build a network that would be an essential component of our eSport Challenger’s Park. Furthermore, for players to perform to their full potential, we required a high-quality network with low latency. By selecting Juniper’s AI-driven solutions, we can significantly reduce operational load while also providing a high-quality user experience for both players and the public. We are excited to leverage Mist AI’s capabilities to enhance end-user experiences and bring eSports to the masses.”

“The Japanese gaming market has always been vibrant, and it is an honour to have been chosen by QTnet to partner with them on their journey of business diversification,” added Tomohiro Furuya, VP & Country Manager, Japan, Juniper Networks. “With our AI-driven solutions, QTnet has built a secure and reliable network, where milliseconds can mean the difference between winning and losing. As QTnet continues to make inroads in the eSports industry, we are confident that our experience-first approach provides a solid foundation for delivering unparalleled end-user experiences for years to come.”


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