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Monday, May 27, 2024

Live Sports Streamers More Receptive to Ads Than Traditional TV Watchers

Magnite, the independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, recently released a study entitled ‘Live and Kicking: An In-Depth Look At Live Streaming in New Zealand’ that found sports streamers are more responsive to advertising than traditional TV watchers, with many stating they often remember the ads seen (31 percent) and search for the product or service (39 percent) after the fact.

The study also found that nearly half of sports streamers have discovered new products as a result of ads placed around sports content, while 25 percent have bought the product or service advertised. These results signify the effectiveness of live sports content at driving action and engagement.

80 percent of all New Zealand CTV users can be classified as live streamers according to the study, demonstrating New Zealand continues to lead the way on streaming.

“As consumers increase their CTV consumption, we see live TV, especially live sports, being viewed even more in this environment. We commissioned this study to better understand how people access and interact with this content and how it can inform advertising decisions,” said Yael Milbank, Managing Director, New Zealand at Magnite. “One of the findings is that engagement with live content extends to the advertising that airs alongside it. Advertisers should be actively exploring this channel for the opportunity to engage with viewers who are highly receptive to advertising in real time.”

Live sports streamers are highly receptive to ads

Sports streamers are passionate about sports, with sports content making up nearly a third of their weekly total viewing time. While 31 percent of sports streamers agreed that TV ads are an important part of the viewing experience, 44 percent said that they are more attentive to ads in sports than those in other genres. This finding suggests a clear opportunity for advertisers to reach coveted audiences watching their favourite sports matches. 

The study also found that more sports viewers intend to stream live sports events including the Rugby World Cup Sevens, All Blacks Tests, and Commonwealth Games, than watch on traditional TV.

Additional key findings include:

  • Live sports streamers are likely to watch multiple ad-supported services with an average of two sports apps.
  • Sports fans prefer to watch live over watching on demand – 68 percent of live sports programming is watched in real time.
  • Live sports streaming is omnichannel, but viewers prefer a large screen environment when streaming live sports, with 81 percent opting to watch on CTV.
  • Shoulder content has increased in importance, with 56 percent watching the pre-game show.


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