Friday, May 24, 2024

MetaProfile Launches Global Sport HUB for Content Publishers

MetaProfile, a global metadata provider, has announced Global Sport HUB, a comprehensive sports content platform and business unit to help sports content publishers and broadcasters retain and unlock their sports content value.

Sports metadata has become the essential building block for all sports content providers. OTT, IPTV, and Telecom operators are spending millions on exclusive and best sports content but sometimes neglect the importance of sports metadata, which is key to retaining and unlocking their sports content value.

MetaProfile’s Global Sport Hub has created a unique and state-of-the-art sports platform, designed to support all sports ecosystem participants, ensure high-quality sports metadata, and add value to their live sports feeds. With more than 1500 fully enriched channels airing sports across 6 continents and 70+ countries, Global Sport Hub aims to help our partners deliver the best sports experience and increase viewer engagement.

Thanks to the highly automated Global Sport Hub platform, designed using ML and AI algorithms, MetaProfile’s sports metadata has become an integral and most important part of every partner’s TV platform. From the moment it’s integrated, sports metadata plays a major role in every TV interface and has started taking significant credit for the fast growth of customer satisfaction.

At the centre of the Global Sport Hub platform is MetaProfile’s Sports Business Unit, which employs highly motivated sports enthusiasts and metadata specialists. They have the task of extracting, organising, and validating all schedules from major and small sports TV broadcasters around the world and then letting the Global Sport Hub Platform do its magic. By integrating enriched sports EPG with all major sports and leagues’ live scores, stats feeds, pre-match and in-play data through one unique and standardised MetaProfile Sports ID, Global Sport Hub has become the central place for the best worldwide sports metadata content. A detailed analytic view of all major sports events is enriched with the most attractive sports events imagery and “star player” posters, which helps every TV interface create a special bond with its fans.

“With the development of new and interactive TV features, the importance of premium, enriched, and innovative metadata has become a critical part of every TV interface. Today’s TV interfaces are modular, flexible, and push TV content visuals to the front. All of this reveals metadata quality at first sight, therefore no one can afford to have inaccurate, generic, or non-creative metadata on their platform. Providing only event images and posters with basic sports scores is not enough to justify sports packages’ premium price, and every Telco should think twice before selecting their metadata provider. MetaProfile’s Sports team has spent several years collecting, preparing, and enriching sports metadata for all small and big sports broadcasts around the world. Our most comprehensive database of unique team vs team and player vs player imagery with live in-game sports data and highlights for more than 2k sports leagues across six continents and 70+ countries will finally make every TV platform exactly where their sports fans want it to be. We are now ready to help our partners, sports content publishers, and broadcasters retain and unlock their sports content value,” said Admir Đozović, the CEO of metadata company


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