Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Multi-Cloud Migration Powers ‘Everything Everywhere’ for Fox Sports

OpenDrives’ software-defined storage platform Atlas Core and its fully managed cloud solution Atlas Cloud Plus (ACP) are centralising content across U.S. Fox Sports’ ten onsite venue locations, multiple editing facilities and geographically distributed remote teams.

The leading live broadcaster has selected ACP to streamline content access from any location while enhancing tiering efficiencies for files migrated between AWS and GCP.

“Cloud strategies are more complex than a ‘one-and-done’ infrastructure shift,” said Kevin Callahan, VP of Field Operations and Engineering at Fox Sports. “We need to access petabytes of data in real-time, especially in high frame rate 4K or future 8K formats, which requires flexible systems that optimise ingest and simplify cloud-to-cloud migration without having to rethink our data strategy with each architecture upgrade or switch. OpenDrives’ integrated partner ecosystem provides end-to-end performance that anticipates and scales with our growth.”

Industry-standard support for SMB, NFS and S3 means OpenDrives can interoperate regardless of protocol, expanding the types of storage targets on-premises and in the cloud which are available to the software solution. This enables Atlas Core and ACP to accelerate and stabilise any workflow that is reliant on file transfer and dynamic data movement. By giving Fox Sports the ability to instantly launch containerised applications, including Signiant and Aspera, OpenDrives provides a resilient and adaptive storage platform enabling data access and movement from anywhere.

“We’re no longer moving data, we’ve evolved in a way where it’s moving with us,” added Callahan. “OpenDrives empowers hybrid data access and movement as mobile as our onsite studios and broadcast trucks. Adding multi-cloud support will only accelerate international data consolidation so that everything is always at our fingertips across editing and media lifecycle management.”

Fox Sports will soon debut its Center for Excellence, a lab and testing facility for new and emerging workflow integrations and techniques in live sports production, such as miniature POV high-speed and digital cinema shell, drones and remote and cloud production IP.

Continuing to push innovation boundaries to create a unique visual difference for viewers at home, from augmented reality to HDR and high frame rate, the lab will be a core pillar for the future of Fox Sports’ live broadcasting. OpenDrives’ software will provide the backbone to ensure seamless functionality with new camera and editing innovations, from research and development to viewers’ screens.

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