Thursday, May 23, 2024

Muse Frame Brings Australian Open NFTs to Life

Adelaide-based start-up Muse Frame has announced a collaboration with AO Metaverse, the virtual platform of the Australian Open tennis tournament, which will see it supply customised digital frames to enable the display of AO Artball non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Muse Frames are the first Australian digital frame exclusively manufactured to display non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are able to display stills, video and sound, and come in 10.1-inch (HD resolution), 21-inch (4K), 32-inch (4K), and 55-inch (4K) frame sizes. The Muse Frame is a sleek display custom built for NFTs and collects, verifies and showcases NFT art in a way smart TVs or devices around the home cannot.

The smart frame and Muse App features an easy QR code ownership verification process and their secure storage network only imports the art asset itself to the collection, while the token stays locked safely in the owner’s digital wallet. The software has been designed to handle multiple digital wallet integrations by connecting to over ten digital wallets including Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Ledger Wallet. Users can also mint their own pictures and designs into NFT’s directly from the Muse App to their desired digital wallet. Once minted on the Muse app, their NFT can be displayed on their Muse Frame or sold on an NFT marketplace.

Muse Frame CEO, Dylan Blaquiere, says the collaboration and the company’s backing from the Kickstarter community to date demonstrate the trajectory of the NFT industry and appetite for ways to merge physical and digital worlds.

“The product was founded by a group of friends, artists, and NFT collectors who craved a simple and seamless way to display their NFT collections. This product allows users to showcase their digital art straight from their digital wallet into 4K clarity – this is an Australian first and as far as testing the market goes – we know we are on to a winner,” he said.

The AO Metaverse launched in early 2022 and created a world-first NFT art collection linked to live match data from the Australian Open. This collaboration will provide exclusive perks to AO Artball Holders and an opportunity to bring their AO NFT’s home.

Ridley Plummer, AO Metaverse and NFT Project Manager with Tennis Australia, said that this collaboration is an extension of the cutting edge work being done to put Australia on the map in the NFT space.

“The AO Metaverse was a game-changer, attracting the global spotlight on how NFT’s can exist alongside event experiences. Muse Frame is a further extension of this activation and a natural fit for us. It also provides the perfect solution for the AO Artball community to bring their digital art to life. We are thrilled with this collaboration and love the fact we are supporting another local Australian business who is set to make a big statement in the NFT space,” he said.


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