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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Quantum-Link Matrix All-IP Workflow System

COFDM wireless camera systems and bonded cellular systems frequently work side-by-side at many live events, such as marathons, where the start and finish lines are covered by COFDM systems and the wider course is followed using bonded cellular technology.

Similarly, at stadium events, COFDM camera systems provide immersive, close-up on-pitch action while bonded cellular systems support side-line reporting or team arrivals.

Through the unified workflow enabled by Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint’s Quantum-LinkMatrix software control platform, the operational efficiencies created for the remote production bonded cellular market can be directly applied to the guaranteed quality, low latency, on-pitch COFDM wireless camera systems.

The Quantum-LinkMatrix unified wireless camera workflow brings together COFDM wireless camera systems and bonded cellular roaming camera systems into one unified, managed solution.

By integrating the two production workflows into one video source and configuration management platform, live event production teams can efficiently manage content capture from all types of wireless systems.


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