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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

RTÉ Brings the GAA Gaelic Games Alive with Viz Arena

Did you know more than 40 percent of fans indicate that the presence of real-time augmented reality (AR) stats on-screen increases their likelihood to watch a game? Immersive experiences are more important to fans than ever before, and as a result, broadcasters are stepping up to the plate to elevate the game.

For example, RTÉ enhanced the broadcasts of its long running GAA Gaelic Games with immersive real-time virtual 3D graphics so it ranked alongside the very best in live sports production and entertained its viewers with stunning graphics and additional descriptive content.

This case study video shows how Vizrt’s Viz Arena elevated RTÉ’s live coverage of the GAA Gaelic Games with minimal efforts in terms of resources, time, and budget but a maximum reaction from fans.

Watch the full video here.

Based on unrivalled image-based camera-tracking and advanced keying technology, Viz Arena superimposes real-time virtual 3D graphics (AR) over any live sports coverage in a simple workflow. You can create any kind of augmented reality graphics to provide more insights into the game or event and add them over the stands, completely unobtrusive beneath the players on the field, a racing track, or a golf course.


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