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Second Olympic World Broadcaster Meeting Wraps in Paris

Media Rights-Holders from around the world gathered in the French capital from 1 to 5 August 2023 to attend the second World Broadcaster Meeting (WBM), organised by Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) in cooperation with the Paris 2024 Organising Committee.

This WBM represented a major milestone, with all media organisations working to fine-tune and finalise their plans for covering the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.

Gerardo Werthein, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member in Argentina and Chair of the OBS Board of Directors, addressed the MRHs at the opening of the main session on 3 August: “The Olympics are not merely a gathering of athletes; they are a celebration of unity, diversity and the indomitable human spirit. Through your tireless efforts, you will capture and convey the emotions, triumphs and challenges faced by these exceptional athletes as they inspire the world with their determination, grace and unwavering pursuit of excellence.”

Venue Tour

On Wednesday 2 August, OBS and Paris 2024 took the MRHs on a venue tour, which encompassed several competition venues that will soon become the stage for unforgettable sporting moments. Throughout the tour, OBS provided the MRHs with an overview of the production and technical plans for these sports. This included a visit to the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), the main hub of the broadcast operations for OBS and MRHs during the Games.

On 3 August, the event started with Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet delivering a video welcome message. He expressed gratitude to the MRHs for their dedication to sharing the athletes’ stories in the lead-up to the Games, and recognised the importance of their role in Olympic and Paralympic sports and in truly making the “Games wide open”, with the shared goal of achieving the largest and most engaged audience possible.

OBS Chief Executive Officer Yiannis Exarchos said: “Beyond the scale of the event, there is always an underlying desire among broadcasters for the Games to be different, innovative, creative, surprising and exciting. The anticipation and enthusiasm for this approach are palpable, and I believe this is where Paris will truly shine and set new standards. We eagerly look forward to witnessing the outcomes of this creative vision, and I am optimistic that Paris 2024 will deliver with flying colours, surpassing expectations with its distinct and extraordinary approach.”

Spotlight on Broadcast Coverage and Operational Plans

During the day-long session, OBS explained to the MRHs the coverage plan for the Games and how, as the host broadcaster, it is planning to tell the stories of the world’s best athletes and capture the vibrant urban atmosphere of Paris in more immersive ways.

OBS plans to provide more content than ever before, with more than 11,000 hours expected to be produced for the Olympic Games, including more athlete-centric coverage and behind-the-scenes material, pre-and post-competition.

In attendance at the WBM were approximately 350 participants, including more than 220 MRH personnel, representing a total of 63 organisations. Also present were representatives from the IOC, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), future hosts Milano Cortina 2026 and LA 2028, Worldwide Olympic Partners Alibaba, Intel and Panasonic, and Paris 2024’s technology partner Orange.


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