Saturday, December 9, 2023

Simplylive Joins the Riedel Family at NAB

In addition to its range of comms and video solutions, NAB2023 will see Riedel (Booth C4910) introduce its  newest family member, Simplylive, the multi-camera live production experts whose technology is based on innovative COTS and cloud-based solutions.

Simplylive Live Video Production Tools can now be found on the Riedel website. These tools are designed to get the hardware out of the way and let you produce your shows creatively and responsively. These tools consist of:

  • Simplylive Production Suite: Riedel’s Simplylive Production Suite is a software driven live production platform running on common commodity hardware. The modular and scalable solution lets you choose from a range of applications, all with a single touchscreen interface.
  • ViBox All-In-One for multicamera productions
  • Slomo for intuitive, scalable replay
  • RefBox flexible, affordable video review & analysis
  • e-Slomo AI driven super slow-motion for live production, post & archive
  • UI Gateway for affordable remote productions
  • BMR for flexible, integrated master recorder
  • Other solutions on display include:
  • Riedel’s RiMotion replay offers a pioneering solution combining extensive slow-motion capabilities with Simplylive’s acclaimed touchscreen UI approach.
  • Riedel’s RiCapture i4 system offers powerful UHD master recording solution built into a small form-factor with significant cost advantages.
  • The Riedel Venue Gateway is a low-latency, bi-directional, multi-channel and multi-format contribution appliance bridging broadcast production infrastructures with distant venues.

Meanwhile, the Simplylive Web Multiviewer solution is a micro-services platform that offers low latency, web browser video and audio multiviewers. Features include:

  • H.264 with WebRTC for ultra-low latency visibility
  • Encode a minimum of 16 video sources per micro-service servers
  • Supports up to 16x encoding micro-service instances simultaneuosly
  • Support a maximum of 256 video, 32 GFX NDI sources and 5120 audio sources


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