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Friday, June 14, 2024

Sony HDC-F5500 Super 35mm 4K Camera Adopted by Game Creek Video

Game Creek Video, a long-standing customer of Sony Electronics, has selected 10 of the company’s shallow depth of field HDC-F5500 system cameras with Super 35mm 4K CMOS global shutter image sensor and high frame rate capabilities, to serve the needs of their entertainment, sports and corporate customers. The F5500s are being used to achieve cinematic capture alongside additional models in Sony’s HDC series of cameras, including 2/3-inch options such as the HDC-5500, which together offer accurate colour matching, easy systemisation, complementary accessories and a familiar layout and form factor for easy operation and reliable image quality. They are also ideal for multi-cam productions.

Additional features of the F5500 HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera include wide colour gamut support, high sensitivity, low noise, various frame rates of up to 120fps in 4K mode and a 60p output. The F5500 also includes a locally or remotely controlled motorised eight-step ND filter for precise control of the depth of field. 4K/12G-SDI direct output from the camera facilitates wireless operation and recording. Because of the F5500’s compatibility with existing Camera Control Units (CCUs), they’re easy to move between Game Creek’s trucks and take advantage of existing infrastructures.

“Our deployment of the F5500 is another step forward in the terrific collaboration between Game Creek Video and Sony,” said Pat Sullivan, President and Founder, Game Creek Video. “With each successive HDC model, starting with the 1500 and continuing with the 2500, the 4300, the 4800, the P50 and the 5500, Sony and Game Creek have advanced the art of high-end broadcast video acquisition. Game Creek’s customers and millions of viewers have benefited.”

“We believe the F5500 is the future of larger sensor multi camera production,” said Riley Helsen, Director, Client Solutions, Game Creek Video. “Our customers were asking for a solution that could properly balance the cinematic production look with the efficiency of setup that they are used to with an integrated broadcast camera system. The F5500 does that.”

“As live entertainment productions look to expand artistic expression through cinematic storytelling, we’re pleased to provide Game Creek Video with a shallow depth of field studio camera that drives customers’ creative vision,” said John Studdert, Head of Media Solutions, Sony Electronics. “As a longtime customer and early adopter of our 2/3-inch cameras, we are honoured that they’ve selected the F5500 to catalyse their success. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Game Creek to break new ground, develop new solutions and create more milestones together.”

Sony and Game Creek Video share a rich history, which is highlighted by a number of firsts. Game Creek Video took delivery of the first HDC-1500 in the United States in 2004, purchased the first HDC-4300 in 2015 and placed a landmark purchase of the HDC-5500 in 2019, in order to expand their 4K HDR operations. This latest standardisation of the HDC-F5500 represents the largest sale of the camera for entertainment usage. By providing state-of-the-art Sony technology – including more than 500 cameras – to their powerful customers, Game Creek Video has enhanced their options and capabilities and advanced the state of live production.


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