Monday, April 22, 2024

US$500k in Seed Funding for SE Asia’s First Women’s Esports Organization

Callisto Gaming, a women’s Esports organisation, has announced it has raised funding of US$500k and hopes to close its seed round soon.

Earlier in April 2019, Callisto received capital from its founders and angel investors for a soft launch for its pilot project in Taiwan. They are currently in the midst of securing more investments to finalize their seed round.

With this new fund, Callisto will be focusing on establishing a foothold in the Southeast Asia region within the next 6 months. The groups says it is aiming to scout the best women eSports players across the globe to join the organisation, and to develop a base of gamers who enjoy streaming and aspire to become content creators and/or social media influencers.

“By providing women gamers a safe space with increased opportunities to excel in what they love (gaming), we wish to encourage more women to see professional gaming as a viable route to take and also to build up an international supportive community of women gamers,” explained Min Ying, CEO of Callisto.

In a short span of six months, across Callisto’s various social media channels and players’ personal fans base, Callisto has influence over 500k followings. In addition, partnerships with established businesses such as J-Team (Mandopop King Jay Chou’s eSports team) and CatWalk (International modelling agency), both based in Taiwan, has provided Callisto with much insights and directions to venture into the eSports and cross-entertainment industries.

In 2020, Callisto will graduate from its pilot program and officially launch in Singapore, focusing on the thriving Southeast Asia’s eSports market while actively seeking sponsorships and long-term partnerships with Singapore and the region’s businesses; with confidence that strong and skilled women gamers will eventually be able be represented in and compete in open international leagues.


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