Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Vizrt Extends Reality

Vizrt has announced Vizrt XR (Extended Reality), designed to give in-studio and outdoor broadcasters increased creative potential in visual storytelling capabilities and sports analysis including virtual, augmented, mixed, and extended reality graphics and video wall control.

Vizrt XR is one of five software Solution Suites made available exclusively through Flexible Access, allowing customers to adapt and scale their production software up and down to meet rapidly changing production needs.

News stories and sports are complex and fast-paced, and in order to capture an audience with decreasing attention spans, they need to be visualised in an engaging and informative way. Vizrt XR provides a range of capabilities allowing broadcasters to extend the visualisation of their stories to tell them better. Video or virtual studio walls and floors as well as the pitch and stands within sports arenas or any other outdoor environment become blank canvasses allowing for interaction between presenters and graphics objects on scales ranging from finely detailed to gargantuan.

Daniel Nergard, President of Vizrt, said, “To compete in the modern media marketplace, you need to engage the audience with spectacular visuals. By any measurement, Vizrt XR contains the most powerful visual storytelling tools ever designed, setting the storyteller free from the boundaries of the physical world. We’re making it easier to run immersive, extended reality shows so storytellers can unleash their boundless creativity with speed, efficiency, and high quality to delight fans and viewers alike.”

Vizrt XR elements include:

Vizrt XR Set – Used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor productions, augmented reality (AR), virtual set, and videowall tools work within one workflow, making it easy to enhance the viewing experience. The studio or any other location can be reset from one show to the next in a matter of minutes, significantly lowering costs and speeding up production to generate more content and value for broadcasters.

Vizrt XR Venue – Camera tracking and AI keying technology enable downstream on-field AR with hyper-real, precise graphics – allowing broadcasters to improve sports coverage with minimal efforts. According to Vizrt, the image-based technology delivers stunning results with lean set-ups and a fully downstream production workflow without affecting the production – saving costs and resources at the same time.

Vizrt XR Playbook – Offers sophisticated and precise break down of a match that enables the fan to understand exactly how and when a match was decided. Virtual views, 3D camera flights and countless analysis tools let the presenter break down the match interactively in the studio, delivering insights on a touchscreen or even virtually inserted right in the action on the pitch.

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