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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Haivision Celebrates Five Years of SRT Open Source

Haivision, provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, recently announced that the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol is celebrating five years of industry adoption for ultra-low latency video transport and the SRT Alliance has garnered the support of over 550 solution and service providers, cementing SRT as the defacto industry standard for low latency video transport.

Haivision originally developed SRT in 2013 to enable simple low latency video connectivity over the public internet between its products, specifically the Makito ultra-low latency series of video encoders and decoders. Since making the technology freely available in 2017 for live video transport over the public internet for production, remote contribution, and distribution, SRT is now used across every element in broadcast and streaming workflows to provide low-latency, secure video transport.

Specifically, vendors in the following areas are leveraging SRT in their solutions:

  • Remote Video Contribution: Haivision’s line of Makito X encoders and decoders are the original solutions to take advantage of SRT. Since being open-sourced, every other major encoder vendor has followed Haivision by enabling SRT support in their encoding and decoding technologies.
  • Remote Production and Cloud Production: SRT has become the fundamental enabler for cloud production workflows by addressing the challenges faced by major broadcast vendors like Grass Valley, Sony, Avid, Harmonic, and MediaKind[JG1] [PM2] and has become an alternative to expensive satellite links or private networks.
  • Broadcast Distribution and Media Services: Leading global media services providers like Telstra, Encompass, Comcast, Eurovision Services, and Tata Communications leverage the flexibility of SRT to distribute their customers’ content to viewers no matter where they are located.
  • Streaming Platforms: SRT has become the defacto live video ingest protocol for streaming platforms including Brightcove, Kaltura, Wowza, and Dacast.
  • Monitoring: TAG Video Systems has recently joined the likes of Telestream and Bridge Technologies in their support of monitoring SRT streams directly, giving leaders in the space unparalleled visibility into the health of mission-critical video streams.
  • Public Cloud: In the last year, Google Cloud joined Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS Elemental, and Alibaba Cloud in their support of the SRT Alliance, making SRT the industry standard for live connectivity between cloud-based services and powering global collaboration, production, and distribution.

“In just five short years SRT has disrupted the way that the world is streaming video,” said Pablo Hesse, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Haivision. “With over 550 vendors joining the SRT Alliance across every aspect of video streaming, SRT has grown to become the gold standard that global streaming companies trust for their complete broadcast workflows.”


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