Wednesday, February 21, 2024

MPEG Finalises Essential Video Coding (EVC) Verification Test

At the 133rd MPEG meeting, held in January 2021, a verification testing assessment of the Essential Video Coding (EVC) standard (ISO/IEC 23094-1; MPEG-5 Part 1) was completed.

The first part of the EVC verification test using high dynamic range (HDR) and wide colour gamut (WCG) was completed at the 132nd MPEG meeting. A subjective quality evaluation was conducted comparing the EVC Main profile to the HEVC Main 10 profile and the EVC Baseline profile to AVC High 10 profile, respectively. Analysis of the subjective test results showed that the average bit rate savings for EVC Main profile are approximately 40% compared to HEVC Main 10 profile, using UHD and HD SDR content encoded in both random access and low delay configurations.

The average bit rate savings for the EVC Baseline profile compared to the AVC High 10 profile is approximately 40% using UHD SDR content encoded in the random-access configuration and approximately 35% using HD SDR content encoded in the low delay configuration. Verification test results using HDR content had shown average bit rate savings for EVC Main profile of approximately 35% compared to HEVC Main 10 profile.

By providing significantly improved compression efficiency compared to HEVC and earlier video coding standards while encouraging the timely publication of licensing terms, the MPEG-5 EVC standard is expected to meet the market needs of emerging delivery protocols and networks, such as 5G, enabling the delivery of high-quality video services to an ever-growing audience.


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