Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Meta Dog World Innovates Dog Racing – Initial NFT Offering

Meta Dog World, the blockchain race-to-earn NFT dog racing metaverse, is opening the gates to its initial non-fungible token (NFT) offering, with the team aiming to digitise and gamify the sport with over 100 years of history. Meta Dog World is revolutionising the industry via its use of the blockchain.

The reality of the sport can create conditions where dogs are raised in worsening conditions, while racing can cause injuries that can be fatal. There is also increased concern for dogs and their well-being once they are no longer racing.

The nature of Meta Dog World will ensure that the welfare of dogs and other animals traditionally involved in the sport do not come to harm by digitalising race dogs as NFTs on the blockchain that can race-to-earn.

As part of its 1.0 web platform release coming on July 8th, those interested in Meta Dog World can enjoy multi-functional digital dog racing. Users will start raising their dogs, feeding, and taking care of them, training them to increase their statistics, and racing for a shot at the top prizes. There are also mechanics for trading and breeding implemented in the process as well.

“1.0 is only the beginning, and we are hoping to roll out version 1.1 in the third quarter of the year on both mobile and web platforms,” shared Founder and CEO, Hoang Le, a former engineer at Unity Technologies with over 10 years of experience in game development.

“We will deliver even more comprehensive economic features and open up more ways for players to get involved at various stages of the racing ecosystem. Let us all work together and make dog racing a spectacle for more people to enjoy.”

This will come in the form of dog services and supplies, where users can become shareholders of the various industries and make their mark in the metaverse. Expect the intricacies of a supply and demand chain to come into play, as well as a full rollout of the betting feature to follow. Ultimately, version 1.1 of Meta Dog World will take another step towards transforming dog racing into a safer, greater, and more popular sport through the metaverse.

The betting feature, only available in countries where it is legalised and supported by licensed partners, will enable users to race-to-earn and make the most of their hobby, governed by true transparency afforded by the blockchain. The formula used to calculate the result of a race will be deployed as a smart contract on the blockchain. Each race result will be a visible transaction for public viewing and understanding of the parameters. “A true practical application of blockchain technology into virtual sports betting,” he further added.

Meta Dog World is also looking to introduce various dog breeds including non-race breeds such as Shiba Inus, Huskies, and Dachshunds that are more attractive to new players of the sport, encouraging participation of players from all walks of life and unite dog lovers across the globe.

“Part of the revenue will be used to support the organisations that are working on dog welfare issues specifically and animal protection in general,” said Founder and CEO, Hoang Le.

Meta Dog World is now open for fundraising of USD$1.8 million for 12 percent of the token share in the Private round. With a roadmap that includes community expansion, listing on exchanges, a mobile release, and initial DEX offering, and more planned for the rest of 2022, there is much to look forward to.


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