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TPG Upgrades Speed and Connectivity for Village Roadshow

TPG Telecom has completed a major network, voice and data transformation for Village Roadshow, delivering high-speed connectivity with improved security and reliability across its portfolio of entertainment assets and venues.

For Village Roadshow’s theme park Sea World, the transformation has resulted in improvements to its top-tier animal welfare program and monitoring systems. This has enabled faster and more reliable access to real-time data used by the animal care team to optimise the wellbeing of its many animals on site, from penguins to dolphins.

“This transformation has completely modernised how we deliver and access our telecommunications services,” said Village Roadshow Chief Transformation Officer, Michael Fagan.

“Connectivity plays a key role in allowing us to be better at our jobs. Importantly, for the animals at Sea World, it also means easier access to data to enable the review of wellbeing programs. With faster and more reliable connectivity, we can make quicker and better decisions to ensure the provision of the very best care.”

The six-month IT overhaul saw TPG Telecom replace outdated infrastructure across 45 separate sites with a modern suite of enterprise-grade telco services, including voice, data, and security.

This new and improved connectivity allows Village Roadshow’s 7000 employees to access collaboration and cloud applications seamlessly and securely from the office or home to remain productive.

The upgrade also delivers enhanced reliability and uptime for critical systems, while also improving the customer’s digital experience with the Village Roadshow app and on-site eCommerce and ticketing systems.

In the future, the modernised telco services will provide Village Roadshow with the digital platform it needs to launch new innovations like virtual and augmented reality across its cinema and theme park attractions.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Village Roadshow to deliver these critical upgrades to its telco systems,” said Johnathan Rutherford, TPG Telecom Group Executive Wholesale, Enterprise and Government.

“Security, reliability and speed are a necessity in today’s digital world and enable organisations of all sizes to unlock new opportunities for customers and employees.”

As part of the transformation, TPG Telecom upgraded Village’s outdated, copper-based network services to Fast Fibre, and migrated voice and data services to TPG Telecom and mobile services to the Vodafone network. A secure access service edge (SASE) stack was also developed and implemented for Village which converges functions such as software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and Security Service Edge (SSE) into one central, cost-effective cloud service.

“Work is no longer confined to a physical office, so it is vital organisations rethink how their telco services can securely and reliably support workforces of the future,” Mr Rutherford said.

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