Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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    Industry Events

    The timezone for all events listed here is Australian Eastern Time. Add two hours for New Zealand and subtract three hours for Southeast Asian timezones. While some online events are held at uncivilised hours, many of them are recorded for on-demand viewing.

    Email your event details to papers@broadcastpapers.com

    Using Artificial Intelligence to Produce High Quality News


    AI can help us meet the challenges posed by modern audiences. These include the need for more personalisation, multi-screen experiences, multi-format, better accessibility and more dynamic niche content. You can waste a lot of money getting AI tools that do not add value. So what tools are working, what are the success stories and how […]


    E-MASTER CLASS – Computer Assisted Reporting


    Develop essential skills with this introduction to Computer Assisted Reporting and open the door to a treasure trove of stories hidden in huge databases. Led by our world-renowned partner Columbia Journalism School, this certified e-Master Class is for journalists who already have a basic knowledge of Excel or google sheets but want to add to […]