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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Etere and AWS Move Crossings TV to the Cloud

US-based Asian American television network, Crossings TV, has made a foray into next-gen cloud playout with Etere leading the migration. Etere delivered a seamless integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) across the station’s end-to-end workflows including MAM, scheduling, playout, ad insertion and archive.

Crossings TV tapped Etere’s Ecosystem to manage its complete content distribution and migration to cloud services. The Etere Ecosystem connects with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon S3 cloud storage to achieve a unified operation across workflows, including the upload, download, scheduling, playout, archive and management of digital media. The migration to the cloud empowers Crossings TV with a fully software-centric setup that can be managed by cross-functional teams working from different locations.

With Etere’s centralised database management, real-time updates and seamless integrations with cloud-based services, the station is empowered with a simplified software-centric solution that does not require local equipment and hosting. With one interface to manage the end-to-end operations, Etere Ecosystem is designed to eliminate integration complexities, reduce costs and shorten the time-to-markets.

Etere’s Ecosystem streams a 24/7 content feed re-distributed in multiple languages, across 7 regions in United States for the Asian American markets. The workflows managed by Etere includes the dynamic insertion of commercials to drive new content monetisation opportunities across the different markets.

Running on either automatic or manual mode, Etere Ad Insertion is able to handle real-time insertion of video clips, logos, CG graphics, graphics overlays and scrolling text in both stored content and live content for an unlimited number of channels. Etere Ad Insertion also integrates seamlessly with traffic and scheduling workflows to ensure the commercials are automatically and dynamically aligned with audience demographics in different markets.


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