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Monday, July 22, 2024

MPEG Completes Third Edition of CMAF with 8K and High Frame Rate Support

At the recent 139th MPEG meeting, MPEG Systems (WG 3) issued the Final Draft International Standards (FDIS) of the third edition of the ISO/IEC 23000-19 Common Media Application Format (CMAF) for segmented media. FDIS is the final milestone of standard development.

The third edition of CMAF adds two new media profiles for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC, ISO/IEC 23008-2, a.k.a. ITU-T H.265), namely for (i) 8K and (ii) High Frame Rate (HFR). Regarding the former, the media profile supporting 8K resolution video encoded with HEVC (Main 10 profile, Main Tier with 10 bits per colour component) has been added to the list of CMAF media profiles for HEVC. The profile will be branded as ‘c8k0’ and will support videos with up to 7680×4320 pixels (8K) and up to 60 frames per second. Regarding the latter, another media profile has been added to the list of CMAF media profiles, branded as ‘c8k1’ and supports HEVC encoded video with up to 8K resolution and up to 120 frames per second. Finally, chroma location indication support has been added to the 3rd edition of CMAF.

At the previous MPEG meeting, MPEG Liaison and Communication (AG 3) approved a white paper on the third edition of the Common Media Application Format (CMAF).

The third edition addresses the following updates, along with general bug fixes, clarifications and improvements:

  • definition of new logical structures, namely CMAF random access chunk and CMAF Principal Header;
  • addition of timed metadata tracks;
  • addition of new media profiles for HEVC for High Frame Rate, interlaced video content, and 8K-UHD;
  • listing of common source formats based on display resolution operating point sets and frame rate operating point sets; and
  • addition of new media profiles for MPEG-H audio, VVC, and EVC.


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