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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

MPEG Ratifies the Third Edition of Energy-Efficient ‘Green Metadata’

At the 139th MPEG meeting, MPEG Systems (WG 3) issued the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) of the third edition of ISO/IEC 23001-11 Energy-Efficient Media Consumption (Green Metadata). FDIS is the final milestone of standard development.

MPEG Systems has been working on Green Metadata for the last ten years to enable the adaptation of the client’s power consumption according to the complexity of the bitstream. Many modern implementations of video decoders can adjust their operating voltage or clock speed to adjust the power consumption level according to the required computational power. Thus, if the decoder implementation knows the variation in the complexity of the incoming bitstream, then the decoder can adjust its power consumption level to the complexity of the bitstream. This will allow less energy use in general and extended video playback for the battery-powered devices.

The third edition enables support for Versatile Video Coding (VVC, ISO/IEC 23090-3, a.k.a. ITU-T H.266) encoded bitstreams and enhances the capability of this standard for real-time communication applications and services. While finalising the support of VVC, MPEG Systems has also started the development of a new amendment to the Green Metadata standard, adding the support of Essential Video Coding (EVC, ISO/IEC 23094-1) encoded bitstreams.


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